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SYNTAX: a process which deletes CP (also known as S-bar deletion). CP-reduction has been proposed to explain Exceptional Case Marking (ECM). EXAMPLE: in (i) expect assigns structural accusative Case to the subject (Greg) of its complement clause (Greg to win). This should not be possible if this clause were a full CP, because expect could not govern the subject in that case (CP would be a barrier). If expects deletes CP, government is possible, as the remaining IP is not a barrier to government.

(i)  Everybody expected [IP Greg to win ]
CP-reduction has also been assumed to obtain in Raising to Subject constructions such as (ii):
(ii) John seems [IP t to have won ]
In order for the trace of John to be properly governed by the matrix verb, the embedded clause may not be a barrier.
LIT. Chomsky, N. (1981)