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Disjunctive ordering

PHONOLOGY: type of rule interaction, introduced by Chomsky & Halle (1968). Two rules A and B are ordered disjunctively if rule B may not be applied to the output of rule A, even if the output of rule A satisfies the structural description of rule B. See also parenthesis notation. EXAMPLE: rule (a) and (b) are two rules among the stress rules of English:

a	V ->	    V    / ____C_0VC0

b	V ->	    V    / ____C0
Rule (a) is applied in ellípsis; Rule (b) could then in principle also apply yielding the incorrect ellípsís (with two main stresses). Therefore, rule (a) and (b) are ordered disjunctively to prevent rule (b) from applying after rule (a) has applied.
LIT. Chomsky, N. and M. Halle (1968)
Halle and Keyser (1971)