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MORPHOLOGY: a term that is used to express the idea that inflected forms, which are words themselves, are still variants of one single word. EXAMPLE: if we take a look at the declension of the Russian adjective bol'soj 'large, big, grand', we find that this word has a variety of forms:

(i)  bol's-oj	nominative singular masculine
     bol's-omu	dative singular masc.
     bol's-ix	genitive plural masc.
(ii) bol's-aja feminine
     bol's-oj fem.
     bol's-ix fem.
In a sense each of these variants is itself a word: the term 'word form' is used for them, and the term 'lexeme' is used for the more general sense, so that we can say that bol'somu is a form of the lexeme BOL'SOJ (lexemes are represented in upper case).
LIT. Spencer, A. (1991)