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Lexical Category Prominence

PHONOLOGY: a labeling rule proposed in Liberman & Prince (1977) to provide the nodes of a metrical tree (metrical phonology) with labels strong or weak expressing prominence in systems where uniform sw- or ws-labeling fails. It labels higher level constituents (i.e. feet (=F)) that consist of syllables. The main part of this labeling rule in English states that in a configuration [A B], B is labeled strong if and only if it branches. EXAMPLE: Compare the following examples:

    / \             / \
  Fs  Fw	   Fw  Fs
  /\   |          / \  /\
 s  w  |   	 s   w s w
 |  |  |         |   | | |
húrricàne	 àchromátic
The final foot of hurricane is labeled weak since it does not branch, while the final foot of achromatic is labeled strong since it branches.
LIT. Hayes, B. (1981)
Liberman, M. and A. Prince (1977)
Prince, A. (1983)