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Minimalist Program

SYNTAX: Research program aiming to eliminate from linguistic theory anything which is not 'virtually necessary'. For instance, in Chomsky (1992) it is claimed that d-structure and s-structure can be dispensed with.
Given that language consists of expressions which are pairs of PF- and LF-representations, the following elements are assumed to be necessarily provided by Universal Grammar:
- a set of (phonological, semantic, and grammatical) features
- a procedure to assemble features into lexical items
- a small set of operations that form syntactic objects: the computational system of human language CHL.
The central thesis of the minimalist framework is that CHL is the optimal, most simple, solution to legibility conditions at the PF- and LF-interface; the goal is to explain observed properties of language in terms of these legibility conditions, and of properties of CHL. See checking theory.
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