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Projection Principle

SYNTAX: principle which says that

(i)  representations at each level of representation
     are projections of the features of lexical items,
     notably their  subcategorization features, and that
(ii) if F is a lexical feature, it is projected at each
     syntactic level of representation (  D-structure, 
      S-structure,  Logical Form).
The Projection Principle entails that sentence (iii) cannot have the structure in (iv).
(iii)  I believe him to be a fool
(iv)   I believe [NP him] [S to be a fool]
The NP him is the subject of the embedded sentence at the level of D-structure, so it has to be analyzed as its subject at all syntactic levels of representation, even though it has objective case. See also Extended Projection Principle.
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Chomsky, N. (1981)