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MORPHOLOGY: a traditional term indicating that verbs can be classified according to the shape of the inflectional endings they may take. See also declension class. Russian provides a clear case of a conjugational system. Verbs inflect for person and number in the non-past tense, and also have an imperative, an infinitive, and several participles. EXAMPLE: in one conjugational class a verb consists of a root morpheme followed by the conjugational marker -a- (preconsonantal) or -aj- (prevocalic); in the second conjugational class, the verbal root is followed by the conjugational marker -i-.

(i)			del-a-t		'to do'	    govor-i-t	'to speak'		del-aj-e		    govor-i-		del-aj-ete		    govor-i-te

    imperative pl.	del-aj-te		    govor-i-te 

    past part.act.	del-a-l			    govor-i-l

    pres.part.pas.	del-aj-emyj		    govor-i-myj