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MORPHOLOGY: a traditional term indicating that nouns can be classified according to the shape of the inflectional endings they may take. See also conjugation. EXAMPLE: Classical Greek provides a clear case of a declensional system. Noun stems (and adjective stems) in Greek inflect for case and number. In one declensional class a noun stem consists of a root morpheme followed by the declensional marker -a-, and in a second declensional class, the nominal root is followed by the declensional marker -o-.

 	  First Declension   Second Declension

        Feminine   Masculine Masc/Fem. Neuter	khóoraa    tamíaas   lógos    dôoron	khóoraan   tamíaan   lógon    dôoron	khóoraas   tamíou    lógou    dôorou	khóoraay   tamíaay   logóoy   dôorooy	khôoray    tamíay    lógoy    dôora	khóoraas   tamíaas   lógous   dôora	khoorôon   tamiôon   lógôon   dóoroon	khóorays   tamíays   lógoys   dóoroys

        'land'     'steward' 'word'   'house'

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